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About Us

Based in Karachi, Pakistan with a registered office in the US, eCatalyst is a sophisticated autonomous body that came into being to make authors feel at home; in an increasingly crowded digital arcade.

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What we Do

Inside out, A Disruption to Excellence. The ‘hybrid’ model of Publishing Contracts/NDAs have become increasingly popular in the recent years. At eCatalyst; We are Eager to Revive the Scent of Books in the Digital Era Whether a book of poems, a recipe book, biography, memoir or a novel; our team of editors, designers, illustrators and proofreaders look forward to welcoming you.

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People Running The Show

Naziha Mahmood

aka Jiya Ali

Founder & CEO

Ufaq Ali

Executive Director

Founder & CEO

I began to write stories when I was only 10. A prolonged hiatus did not jiggle my love for stories and knocked my door again in 2015 with ever greater zest. eCatalyst is a result of our well nurtured love for books.

Unfolded with compassion and precision; for us, all stories matter. As avid storytellers, our appealing strategy is ‘empathy’ and is the key to gain consumer's trust by revitalizing their passion in their own stories. All we need is to connect our energy with yours.


To tell stories and make them matter. To inspire first-time authors and enrich the published ones.


To sustain excellence, integrity, and worth in all our services for effectual and dynamic difference.

Naziha Mahmood

Want to tell your story, get your Book edited, proofread and formatted? All Your Answers Under One Cover

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